About Us

The foundations for the present company were established on the 28th of January, 1955, when an enterprising entrepreneur, Mr. Shamji Parekh started Bharat Vijay Velvet and Silk Mills at Mumbai, India. He was one of the pioneers to introduce and manufacture Velvets in India.

Subsequently, the factory was shifted from Mumbai to an upcoming city “Surat” in the state of Gujarat. Hence “Bharat Velours” was born in 1998 under the able leadership of Mr. Shamji’s son, Mr. Bharat Parekh

The Group has a total of 5 Jacquard Velvet Looms, 36 Traditional Shuttle Velvet Looms with Dyeing & Finishing Machinery and a laboratory. All the Manufacturing, Dyeing and Finishing activities are done under one roof in the city of Surat, Gujarat State. The Jacquard Velvet Division is operated by our Group Company Harshdeep Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Click here for Facility Details

About Surat
Surat is known as the textile hub of the India or the Silk City of India. Surat is the biggest center of Man-made Fibers) in India. Surat boasts of Uninterrupted Power and Water Supply throughout the city. Surat Accounts for
- 40% of the India’s total man made fabric production;
- 28% of the India’s total man made fiber production;
- 18% of the India’s total man made fiber export; and
- 12% of the India’s total fabric production

In January 2016, Surat was selected for the “Smart City” Project by the Ministry of Urban Development which will further boost the infrastructure for the city.