Our Facility has 5 Jacquard Velvet Looms

We have
"1 Van De Wiele VTR33 Loom"
This is a High- Density Face to Face European Machine To Make The Finest Jacquard Velvets

We have
"4 European Jacquard Velvet Wire Looms"

These Looms Produce the Finest Cut and Loop Velvets. The Density Of the Warp Enables Us To Make Classy Ground Weaves Like Fine Satin

All Jacquard Machines have 4 – Repetitions across the width
Depending on the Quality and Construction, the monthly Production capacity for Jacquard Velvets ranges from 5000 Meters – 8000 Meters

Apart from the Jacquard Velvet Looms, we also have traditional shuttle velvet looms with a monthly production capacity of about 40,000 meters

We have one of the best velvet finishing Machines available worldwide of European Origin. All the required processes for top finishing of Jacquard Velvets are integrated into one continuous fully synchronized automatic machine. The processes include beating/cleaning, steaming, multiple brushing, shearing, glazing/polishing.

Apart from this we also have an Open Width Brushing Machine on which we finish the Shuttle Loom Products